Monday, November 21, 2011

This is your life, you might as well make the best of it!

Do you just stumble through your days? When trouble comes calling, and it will,  take a moment to remember it will pass. You will get through it and better times will lie ahead. When good times are upon you, enjoy them, don't look too far past them to what lies ahead. Enjoy the good times and press forward through the bad. Sounds easy enough but not so easy to actually do.

I tend to focus on the good now. At one time I would dwell on the negative. It's not very fun focusing on what is wrong but many live in that way. Instead, look at the blessings you have. If you are reading this you have access to a computer and the internet has much good to offer. So long as you're looking in the right places.

Plan for the day trouble comes knocking. Some things you can't predict or be fully prepared for but most can be. When in times of plenty store up for what lies ahead. I don't mean just in physical things but in spiritual things too. It is so easy to fall into a place of stagnation because when things are good we can kind of forget where it came from. Don't get too big for God to be in your life. The moment you start to stand on your own strength is when you will begin the inevitable descent. Pride comes before the fall.

Learn to be content in all situations. In times of high stress I would become very angry and lose sight of the good things. Now when in stressful times I tend to smile(on the inside at least) and know it will pass. I trust in something bigger than me and my finite position. Faith is huge for me. I don't take myself as seriously and am not as intense as I once was. I will always be a somewhat intense guy most likely but I think God made me that way for a reason. Letting go of people and situations is hard for me but I'm learning about submission and I see the wisdom in it. I don't have to carry other peoples luggage around with me. It is not my Cross to bear so to speak. You can't carry someone else on your back forever. Everyone has to find their own way. Caring for them is good and noble but to carrying them is not doing them or yourself any good. Take responsibility for what you are responsible for and leave the rest up to God.

So enjoy your life. Whenever possible live at peace with everyone. Don't take the good things for granted and don't make the tough times worse than they really are. Moderation is the key.

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