Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Motives for this blog

I enjoy expressing ideas and concepts in this blog. I use it as a place to blurt out whatever is on my mind. Often in life we have to be politically correct given the situation we find ourselves in at the time. I've talked in previous blog posts about filters and their importance. I don't want to be purposely offensive in this place but if I have something to say this is a place I feel totally free to say it. Some of my posts never get beyond the draft stage. I'm not doing this to make you think like me but just expressing my POV. If you get a little something out of it then that's wonderful. I truly hope people do. The way I learn best is by experiencing different viewpoints and figuring out what works best for me.

Sometimes the lessons I learn have little to do with what has been said by others. Several of the most life changing revelations I've had from God have been during sermons about some totally unrelated topic. Just one sentence can be the basis of a great epiphany in a 500 page book. Look for the diamonds in the rough.

At times I have a lot to say and the blogs will be frequent. Other times I'm just soaking in the world around me and don't really feel the need to share some pearl of what I consider wisdom. I used to have to offer my opinion on everything and anything but I try to measure my words better these days. I'm not the foremost expert on anything really. So take what I say for what it is worth. I do appreciate the readership I get here. Having people browse through my musings from all around the world is cool.

Be blessed!!

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