Sunday, November 20, 2011

Be strong and courageous but more importantly be yourself!

I spent a lot of time trying to seek out people that could help me grow as a person. People that had it all together and didn't need anything from me. People that I totally approved of to help me to improve myself. It was an exercise in futility because my standards were tough. Brutally tough and surprisingly enough to me rather unattainable. Truth is everyone has warts of some sort. None of us are perfect. There was one perfect man but we crucified him on a cross. That being said there is a lot of good qualities in the people I meet. Most have many good qualities that I tended to look past when I saw their weaknesses.

In the Bible there were many examples of good men but other than the Messiah each had his quirks or faults. Moses had a temper, David was an adulterer and Elijah was overcome by fears many times to name but 3 great men of God. Not that I deserve to be lumped together with these great men but I too have my faults and day by day I continue to work them out with God's help. I'm 43 now and am still maturing as a person. I know myself better now than ever before and have come to terms with the fact I do have limitations although they are becoming less limiting.

In the book of Joshua, God says over and over to Joshua to be "strong and courageous" and that is good advice for anyone with issues to face in life. God spoke to me(not with words but in thought) and told me to be strong and courageous. That I am the strong and to start acting like it. Rather than focusing on my inadequacies to instead focus on my strengths while still recognizing that I have limitations. So going through life trying to be everything to everybody is a flawed path. Looking to others to be everything you're not is also a flawed path. Being the best you can be is important and do things with full effort. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you truly need it. Don't play it safe and stay in your comfort zone because if you never stretch yourself then you'll never discover your full potential.

So step into the future with boldness. Don't cave in to fear and trepidation. Be strong and courageous with others. Help them with their blind spots and they can help you see yours too.


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