Friday, November 4, 2011

The Occupy movement

Just what is it all about? I just don't get it.

We live in a free and democratic society. We have real means for social/economic change through legitimate sources. It's not like it was in the sixties when there was real oppression of black Americans in the south. This is not like what happened in the 80s in Poland when an unjust and non democratic government was oppressing the people. It spawned the solidarity movement.

We have problems, I know, and there is a need to change our ways in a big way. This has been a long time coming and Governments have mortgaged our future to satisfy the immediate needs. Our whole economic landscape is bleak. It is going to call for some pretty drastic changes to remedy. At some point there will be a world wide economic meltdown due to so many trade imbalances. We in the western world have been the "haves" for a long time. We have it way better than most of the world and for every action there is a reaction. Since the rubber band has been stretch as far as it has the recoil will be formidable.

All this talk about the "one percent" can make you believe you deserve more. Well I hate to say it but the rest of us around here are in the 2 to 5 percent range. It is not just the mega rich that are the haves. We are better off because of the imbalance. When things fall apart, and they will, we are all going to suffer the consequences along with the 1 percent.

Prepare for the inevitable. Harder times will come upon us. Financially speaking I mean. Canada can't really do much in of itself since the US economy is the only one that really matters. It is all very complicated but the US is the central figure in the world economy and since the gold standard was dropped during the Nixon era(it actually goes back to the days of Teddy Roosevelt but I don't need to go into it all) this paper economy we have has kept the good times rolling here in North America with only a few hiccups.

The US is close to 20 trillion in debt and eventually they will no longer be able to service their debt. When that happens the dominoes will start to fall. This is not mere fantasy but a real event that will happen. Most economists know of this inevitability but few speak of it. It likely will happen before we reach 2020 and honestly could happen anytime.

When this happens everything you've worked and saved for could very well disintegrate. The housing market will plummet. Unemployment will go through the roof. The great depression of the 30s will look mild in comparison.

So what should we do? Well I know what I am doing. I'm doing my best to put people above things. I am only a pilgrim passing through, an alien in this world. There is more to life than possessions. I'd rather invest in relationships than mutual funds(though I do both). I am debt free and do save money but I have no faith in my money. Everyday I live thankful for what I have. I live within my means and give to the needy. I want to give more than I desire to receive.

I have no interest in overthrowing a corrupt system. It is a no win situation. Perhaps rather than being dissidents these people should work on changing their attitude and working on an occupation rather than being a nuisance to people trying to get on with their lives. Just my take on it all.


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