Friday, November 25, 2011

Don't be in such a hurry.

You know sometimes we can be in such a hurry to get some place else we miss out on what is right in front of us. At my work last night, I was helping someone finish their task and it ran a little longer than our scheduled shift. It only took like 5 minutes extra or so. My knowledge was superior to his in the area he was working and because of that I averted a problem he was unaware of which would have caused a big waste of time and him some embarrassment. I was glad to lend a hand and very happy to be of use.

Most times when I'm leaving work I am much like everyone else in that I'm busting for the door to get home. Last night(really meaning 7 AM when my shift ends) since I was already a few minutes behind schedule I kind of surrender it and wasn't in a hurry. I saw the person I talked about in my previous blog(You should be thankful you have a job) and had a short but meaningful conversation about my position on the subject at hand. We had some great communicative discussion and I came away from it understanding their points but also feeling heard and understood. It was a warm and fuzzy feeling. Then I encountered a person that I've never had anything more than a standard "hi, how are doing" type conversation and went one step deeper this time. Then I had another one of those with another coworker I seldom had spoken to. At the door I saw an injured coworker who is back at work on graduated return whom I had not seen in months. I was able to give him some encouragement and give him a chance to share his issues. This all transpired in less than 15 minutes. I left work feeling happy and relaxed. What a great end to my day.

Recently God has spoken to me regarding this type of situation. Rather than looking ahead to having happiness why not just enjoy where you're at. My FB home page picture "Happiness just ahead" always makes me smile. Really what I see that to mean for me is happiness is here and also lies ahead. The pic is from Australia and is just outside the town called Happiness FYI. It all kind of fits in with my adherence to guidelines set by those above me. The whole submission to authority theme God has laid on me is for my benefit. I don't have to own every situation. I can surrender it to the powers that be. I just have to do my part.

So I continue to learn. I've been working on speeding and other traffic law bending. As much as at times the speed limits are too slow it is not my place to say. Seldom am I in that big a hurry. I'm usually early for things. Why am I breaking the law to get there a minute earlier still? It is a lack of prudence on my part which I am changing. Besides I love my car, my seat is comfy, and I'm always listening to music on my awesome stereo which I really enjoy so it is no hardship to be in my car.

So slow down, relax and don't forget to be happy where you are. None of us know where we are going next as we can only plan for what we think will happen. If you're in a rose garden you might as well smell the roses before you leave. Make the best of every opportunity and look for goodness and you'll likely find it! Blessings to you right now, right where you are :)

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