Saturday, December 17, 2011

What are the root causes of anxiety, depression and other disorders whether diagnosed or otherwise?

This is what I believe to be true. I'm not a doctor and I am not advising anyone to stop taking meds because of what I say. Although I believe medication for chemical imbalances and disorders, much like pain relievers, treat the symptoms rather than the disease you should not stop treatments as the results can be dangerous. There is much to be learned from books on the subject than you will find here in this blog. I'm no expert on the subject and just throwing my pov. So with that disclaimer out of the way here we go!!

Right at this moment I feel a little anxious. I think it is the caffeine in my system. That or the analyzing of where my path is going right now. I'm excited and nervous and a little jittery. There is nothing pressing going on but it is just things building up in my mind. I have thoughts of what I should be doing. I think of possible ramifications of my actions if I carry through. The reaction of people in authority over me. The reaction of people around me and the outside pressures I will be put under. The learning of compromise and what power I will really possess. Then there is the perception of who I am and what is expected of me. It could be overwhelming if I chose to let it be. I choose to not let it consume me. See if I give the situation power over me then that becomes real and will overwhelm me. I will do my best to stay within my strengths and also test the bounds of them. What do I really have to fear? Nothing. Who is in control? God is!

I suffered from a spell of depression some years ago. I even went to the doctor about it. I was, thankfully, given some pills that I was allergic to. I say thankfully because the problem was a symptom of a deeper problem. My life had overwhelmed me as I was operating in a sinister and sinful way. I was cunning and devious. Wise in my own eyes and full of much contempt. It manifested itself as depression but sin was the cause and depression was just the messenger. It took a long time for me to come to grips with that and make the necessary changes in my life. I must confess I still have down times be it ever so brief. It is always at times I have some issue hanging over me that I am trying to deal with on my own. I still tend to turn inward instead of seeking what I need externally or I should say upwardly. I am a work in progress but I have so much to be positive and thankful about in my life that those negative feelings tend to fall off of me pretty quick as I deal with their causes. Sounds simple enough but it has been years on the process as my former tendency to run and escape issues ran deep in me.

Now when it comes to other mind related disorders. There are people born with birth defects like fetal alcohol syndrome which can cause many of these issues. I blame spiritual attack for most of them. I know one person very well that has been diagnosed as Bipolar. He is on meds and his episodes occur if he reads the bible, prays and was hospitalized soon after a church service a couple of years back. So long as he stays away from the things of God his symptoms remain mostly in check. He is managing but just barely however I would have to go through his family if I wanted to help him. They are church going Christians but are afraid of what would happen if he was pushed too far. When he was hospitalized I wanted to visit him but they just wanted him calmed down. Truth is they didn't want him well but manageable in his illness. I am in no way saying all disorders are spiritual in nature but some are and this particular case to me clearly was/is. 

As for medications for Blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol and the like help people continue to live a poor lifestyle. The reasons people suffer from these ailments are most often a case of poor diet or lack of exercise. There can be genetic issues for some but for most of us health issues have causes we could cure with a few minor(in certain cases major) changes to our lifestyle. I had mildly high blood pressure 7 years ago. 140ish over 90ish was the norm for me. Since then I have lost weight(60 lbs) and have removed a lot of the junk foods/beverages from my diet. I take vitamin supplements too which I suppose is a form of medication but to get enough of every vitamin from our diet is challenging so I cheat a little. My blood pressure now ranges from 115 over 75 to 125 over 80 which is excellent. It's been in that range for the past 5+ years now. There's a plethora of books about healthy living. Dietary changes can lessen your risks of many ailments. The longer you stay in unhealthy living the more likely you will have permanent health problems. The time to start change is now, right now!!

Illnesses can be attention getting behaviors. We all know people that play up anything they have wrong with them. They wear their wounds like badges. Saying look at me, pay attention to me, feel sorry for poor old me etc. We have to be careful in those cases too though. Some people are hypochondriacs but some are assumed to be. I know of a person with MS who was misdiagnosed for 10 years by Doctors as having nothing wrong with them. She was made feel like a crazy hypo when really she had a medical issue that they ignored because they made assumptions. If they had caught it sooner she would have been in better shape now. Don't be too harsh in your judgments on others because how would you feel if the shoe was on the other foot.

So I think I blogged a few months ago with a similar theme. It is of particular interest to me. How the mind works and how we really are what we eat. BTW Speaking of food, it turns out the jitteryness was just low blood sugar as I ate dinner and just like that I was calm. Either that or the time I spent with God or a bit of both. That's my take for what it is worth. God bless you right where you are!

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