Monday, December 26, 2011

Don't forget to read the lines

I can get so busy looking for the deeper meaning sometimes I forget to look at what is right in front of me. I am multitiered with layers beneath the surface but a lot of people are not. They just speak from their emotions. They want you to respond to what they are saying and not go to the root. At least not right off the bat. Where I want to probe deeper they just want to deal with the here and now. I can speak on that level and I can respond on that level but it is something I have to be aware of.

As Freud was attributed with saying... sometimes a Cigar is just a Cigar. I seldom feel that is true but it is sometimes. Certainly most times people want you to address their immediate concern before you go deeper. If they desire for you to go deeper at all. I can be a little blunt at times and don't tend to be emotional though recently I have had more of an emotional response than expected when I was talking with people going through difficulties in their life. Especially those with ailments that are ongoing. I feel a little more than I used to. I am a logic driven creature though sometimes with flawed logic.

I have to be knowing my audience. I will say things in jest(verbal irony) and it goes right over their head as they take me at face value. It can be a little demeaning to them as I have to then explain my little joke. It can go one of two ways usually: either they feel bad or they think I'm strange or both. So as a rule I try to be direct but with a certain sensitivity as too not be brutally honest. Honesty is good but sometimes too much truth can be hurtful and sometimes what I believe to be true is just my emotions coming through.

There are times that reading between the lines is foolish. What you read into someones commentary can be wrong. Don't always buy into what you think is going on because you may not have it right. There could be way more/less going on than what meets the eye. It could be a joke that you don't get. It could be a Cigar. Address what you know to be true and work out the rest over time. Listen to people and don't label them prematurely. The truth comes to the surface but not always on your schedule.

This is really good advice.....for me!

Have a blessed day.

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