Thursday, June 5, 2014

Grace, peace and love. When did they become bad things to aspire to?

In fact you could add a few sub-traits to that list. Obedience, humility, temperance, kindness, respect, etc.

I am growing increasing tired of being slammed for my Christian beliefs. Truthfully for the most part it happens online as people seem a lot braver to berate those with different beliefs from behind their laptop keyboard. People post half truths or things that are totally incorrect and when I point out the flaw in their logic I get attacked. If I say anything about creation the evolution theorist mock me even though it takes a lot of faith to believe the myth that they do. Far more than becoming a Christ follower in my opinion.

I understand what is behind it. People don't want to face up to the reality that their sins will be reckoned one day. It is easier to say there is no God and we are all some cosmic accident. That way you live however you want to with no transcendental consequences. You have no one to answer to but to yourself. I tired of living that way.

God interceded on my behalf. He was calling me for a long time but I wasn't listening. I had the odd(and common) notion that IF indeed there was a God he would know that my good outweighed my bad therefore I could just live as I wanted. Truth is I wasn't that good. I wasn't a murderer or a rapist. I didn't rob banks or snatch purses but I was pretty selfish. I succumbed to fits of rage especially on the road. I cheated and I lied. The bad side of that scale was getting mighty weighty indeed. I cannot think of any truly good acts I was doing that didn't benefit me in some way and that was the only motivation that permitted me to do any good. What's in it for me.

Now I will boast about all the good acts I do... or maybe not :)

Anyway, I made the choice to follow Jesus. I really had no idea what all that would entail. I've given a lot of things up but have received much more.

Grace, when people are critical and attack I resist returning the favour. I am not saying it is always easy and 100% of the time I am successful but more times than not I withstand the attack with God's help. It has opened doors that otherwise would have remained closed. Often leading to opportunities to advance the Gospel which I really love. Grace has been shown to me many times and the least I can do is pay it forward.

Peace, my life is far from perfect but I am content. Of course I desire more out of life and have goals to achieve. I can strive for more without being unhappy where I am. I think back to how I was 10 years ago and my life was full of angst. I was bitter and felt so hard done by. I didn't accept what is, I only wanted what I wanted and if I didn't get it then it was unfair. Sometimes stopping to smell the Roses is a good thing. And good things come to those that wait. Peace offers you a lot of patience.

Love, I love people that don't love me. It is easy to love those that endear themselves to you. Those that are refined and well spoken. Those that have high position and nice clothes. What about the street person who hasn't had a bath in a week. Trust me, it can be difficult but in an Agape way I love those people. The grumpy and hard headed customer service rep at a store can be a challenge but I choose to love that person. Love doesn't mean to agree with or to succumb to but it does mean to treat them as you would like to be treated. I don't return the favour with the cyber bully and hurl insults. I speak the truth in love and ignore some of the derogatory commentary just there to try to disrupt my peace. It feels so good to not sink into the muck and mire. That's what love can do. Love is utterly lovely.

I am far from perfect and my propensity to sin confounds me still. I really thought by now I'd be pretty close to perfect but it seems that goal is a ways down the road. However my temperance has come a long way. I get angry when the situation calls for it. Anger is okay to feel in the right situation however what you do with that anger is often where people get it wrong. If you can keep it in perspective and display it in an appropriate manner the situation can be resolved but a blow up yelling match solves nothing. I do good because it is good and not for personal gain. It often does lead to gains in one way or another but that is not my premise. I respect those in high position but also those in low position. It is not just something reserved for the important. Kindness and respect are inseparable. You can't truly be kind without respecting the person. Obedience is rarely a blind commodity but at times that is a must. I am a faithful servant of God but also my employer and my family and my friends. After what I've just said I don't think I can say anything about humility :)

It all started with Grace, Peace and Love. Not mine but God's on me. He forgave me, the chief of all sinners. His peace fell on me like a warm blanket and let me tell you I was cold. He showed me love in a way I could hardly fathom and still can barely grasp.

Cyber bullies and mockers beware. My God will combat you with his grace, peace and love wrapped up in me. BRING IT!!


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