Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I am like the English language

The thing that I love about the English language is all the times it borrows from other languages. That is what makes it so vast and also so difficult to learn but also makes it highly descriptive and fun.

I like to borrow from others when I see something that works better than my way. Friends, enemies, acquaintances, employees, employers, love interests, family and total strangers have taught me lessons. The way I handle money, the way I handle difficult decisions, they way I cut the grass. You name a situation and I can think of how I've adapted others techniques into how I do things. You can also learn how not to do things by watching others. Of course some things I've learned from schooling and others from reading but the most valuable classroom has been the world around me.

Thank you world, you've allowed me to use you to become more complete!

So don't assume you have the best way of doing things. Be open minded and let the people around you make you better.


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