Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hit the road...Jack!

This is more of a journal entry than a life lesson I think. I haven't written it yet so you never know but that is how I feel. Read on at your own peril :)

In less than a week I will be going on what likely will be an epic road trip. At least that is my hope. I am looking forward to an adventure. The idea first spawned a couple of months back. You see I've lived in BC my entire life but have never ventured very far north. I'm a city dweller through and through but have an appreciation for natural beauty. I realize driving on the highway north will barely scratch the surface of what really is up there but it is what it is. I have never back packed in my life, other than the heading up well beaten trails I'm not a hiker. I prefer to stay in Hotels rather than tents.

Anyways, since the idea hit me I've started making plans. I knew I had 2 weeks off in July months ago and didn't want to waste it hanging around home. I wanted to do something home grown. Spend some money where I make it. Also being it is summer time the temperatures up north are going to be hot. I like it warm. I would never consider a trip like this anytime of year but now. If I go somewhere in the winter for leisure it either going to be big city or tropical and by air.

So I have been making plans. Checking out possible routes(really there only is one route) and destinations for stop overs. I figured out a round trip which takes me into northern Alberta because I have no desire to retrace my route back. Also I have been looking for attractions to view along the way. I am leaving room in my travel for unexpected treasures. I'm going to do a fair bit of driving each day but don't want to simply blow through the province but actually take it in. It is not a commute but rather a journey. It may be my one and only time to do this so I want to do it right. I left the possibility open that someone could join my on this adventure but it appears this is going to be mine to do alone, well, me and Jesus, which is fine with me. This way I won't have anyone else's agenda clogging up my plan.

Other than a couple of nights in the Yukon I haven't booked my hotels. I'll take my chances. I have my hotel app and if need be I have a car I can stretch out in and will bring provisions including a sleeping bag and pillows just in case. Also it is a very sparsely populated area so in case of emergency supplies will be on hand. I have a great and reliable car but anything can happen. I must be ready for the unexpected. My car is in the shop right now getting the once over as a precaution.

I have calculated my route. It is going to be over 5000 KM of driving. I'll be gone a minimum of 11 and up  to a maximum of 14 days. Assuming every goes according to plan.

Earlier this year while I was out of town working I started getting this bucket list mentality that really never was part of me before. While I was in Southern Ontario I did basically every thing I ever wanted to do there with my very limited free time. Something to do with age I think. I am fit and able to do everything now but at 46 I realize my full capability could reduce in the years to come. I mean God forbid because I know many 80 year old's that are still very able and am hopeful to be one of those but I can't guarantee that. Also it is a feeling of carpe diem. Of seizing the opportunity when it is available. When I'm available. Of not living in regret of what I could have/should have done but actually doing it. It is something God has really instilled in me of late. Some things come around again but some things are now or never. I desire to live in the now but not in a reckless manner. I believe God has some kind of mission in store for me along the way. I don't necessarily mean on this trip but I don't dismiss that possibility either.

It is exciting to have stuff to look forward to. Upon returning I promise to post about it.

 Have a great day, don't let it slip away but grab a hold of it!!


Edit: It seems upon my return I totally forgot my promise. The trip was epic and well worth it. My planning paid and I had a fantastic time. Maybe someday I will post about my experience but no promises :)

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