Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring, a time of renewal and rebirth

It is spring time in the lower mainland. This year we had such a mild winter that spring truly started in February. This past week it has started climbing to 20+ Celsius. Even though I get a touch of hay fever this is my favorite time of year. Everything is growing and blossoming! The ducks and other water fowl are multiplying as are the bunnies.

I spent the better part of the afternoon shopping for and planting my annuals. I just feel blessed to live in such a wonderful place. Plus I have the means to enjoy it and splurge a little on my hobby. God is good!

A welcome break from my work life. I changed companies within the last year and really enjoy my new position but it has its moments. Gardening and beautifying gives me a chance to put it in perspective. We are experiencing a renewal at my work too. Right now we're probably just starting to grow after rearranging some of the plants. Kind of like 2 years ago when I moved my roses. They were doing okay before I moved them but now that I have them better positioned they are going to be spectacular. What we're doing at work is going to be good after everyone settles in.

I have also re-positioned myself at church. I had to drop out of a ministry for the most part because it just was too hard to involve myself there with my new work schedule. So I'm finding other places to fit into the plan. Meeting new people and getting better acquainted with others I've known for years.

I'm starting to look into travel plans this summer. God willing I'm going to do a west coast trip to the island and north coast.

I know God has more good things in store for me this year. Some may not look like it at the time but he knows what is best for me. Spring is in the air and I love it!

Blessings to you!!

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