Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cutting the grass and other random thoughts


It has been a while since I've logged in and even longer since I've posted anything. I have gone through some major changes in the past few months. It is an interesting period in my life. I am having a lot of fun even if my version of fun is a little(alright maybe a lot!) different than others.

I've been learning and continue to learn new computer systems and company procedures. Reworking my life schedule. Meeting new people and learning a lot of names! Finding new areas and opportunities for networking/fellowship. It is an adventure and I find my comfort zone tends to be in the new.

This brings me to the realization that I really enjoy new stuff. It energizes me even if at times it also tires me out. Where I really need to work hard at is in continuing to build on the relationships I already have relationship that are healthy and beneficial to me(even if on the surface they don't always appear to be of benefit to me). As I strive to be more like Jesus I know that he tended to reach out to the downtrodden. There is much beauty to be uncovered in this murky world we live in.

I guess that brings it around to the title of this post. I was sitting in a room of fellow believers talking about how the study and companion guide/devotional we are working through was impacting them. There were stories of how God spoke to them through this date or that date. I have to say the devotional has been rather troubling for me. Not that it convicts me but rather that it feels rather simplistic and kind of like Christianity 101. Most in the room had been following the Lord much longer than I yet there impact was profound and mine was mostly affirmation.

Now I'm not saying I'm some super spiritual Christian and that I'm superior. I look at some of things I do to this day and am thankful for grace. That being said I have daring faith I guess and most others aren't there yet. I'm a thinking man, not a drone spewing off Bible verses or spinning trite tales, and God has made me this way. A critical thinker and a Christ follower are not a paradox.

Anyway, I'll get to the point I was trying to make.

During the discussion time which I zoned in and out of one person spoke up. He started telling a tale about a man of great faith who was mowing the lawn. While he was cutting the grass God spoke to him and announced Jesus would be returning to earth to gather up his children in 5 minutes. Once the man had heard from God he continued mowing the lawn because he had done everything he was supposed to do.

There was what appeared to be a lot of agreement in the room. This made me a little angry, actually a lot angry. I stayed calm though and spoke up. I said I would be calling everyone I could who I know are not following the Lord to give them 1 last chance before it was too late. There wasn't a lot of agreement in the room or at least that I could sense. It was like I was at a very conservative closed door type of gathering instead of being among Evangelicals.

The story was so pompous and what helps make Christians unlikable. Smugness is not one of the gifts of the spirit or not in any version I've read. I'm sure that statement wasn't supposed to be that but nevertheless it was..I am not the orators judge, that is between him and God. I know I have been extremely pompous at times and God still loves me.

Side point: Ironically I really love cutting the grass so it would be hard, really hard for me to give up my last chance to finish it off. I wish that was a joke but if you know me, you know that to be true.

So I'm praying for my brothers and praying I can be graceful and loving even if I don't feel like it when we get together next week. If anything interesting happens there I'll write a follow up or post script.

Blessings to you, whether you have daring faith or faith as little as a mustard seed! Peace out

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