Sunday, August 19, 2012

"It's like I won the lottery"

Many years ago someone near and dear to me had a crisis. In that moment they turned to Jesus for comfort. Being that I was not a believer at that time it really struck me as insane and concerning. The person said to me it was like they "won the lottery" and the person had this peace that was not normal for him/her. Being that I figured this person was just escaping reality in order to not face up to what was going on I did everything in my power to quell this faith fire. In the end I was successful and to this day the person is not a follower of the Lord.

However the event had a profound effect on me and soon after it my faith walk started. As I put out the fire it started to burn in me. You see at the time I was in a crisis of my own. Being that I was most secretive it was not something that others knew. Even those closest to me were totally unaware of the situation that was nearing a boiling point. God used this situation for my betterment. I still pray for the other person to come to the Cross and believe that someday it will happen.

Anyways, just the other day someone made a reference to perhaps winning the latest big jackpot. I don't play lotteries at all myself. I'm happy with where I'm at. I mean yes it would be nice to be able to tour the world and not have to work hard labour to make ends meet. However, as Solomon said, this is my lot and I choose to be happy in it. I don't think more money would bring me more happiness.

I've seen documentaries and read stroies about major lottery winners. While some of the winners live good lives sharing their wealth with extended family most say they wish they could go back to how things were before they won. Broken families are the norm. There is a great deal of lottery winners who end up flat broke with even more broken lives. The love of money is a sickness and greed rears its ugly head when wealth increases suddenly.

I actually believe life with Jesus is better than winning the lottery. My life has much more joy than sorrow. In those times of difficulty I know they will pass. As Job said naked I came into the world and naked I'll leave. God blesses me with possessions and permits me to enjoy them. So I'll take it a step further than my friend in saying Life with Jesus is better than winning the lottery.

It's not what you have but how you use it. My joy outweighs my circumstances. Better days lay ahead for me. Even if at the moment they may not look like it. God is still working out my salvation and has plans for me to prosper. That is his promise and I see that in my life.

Money, possessions, people and circumstances will come and go. In the end it will be you and God. All I desire to hear is "well done, good and faithful servant" because my personal accomplishments and wealth won't mean a thing in His court. I hope you feel the same!!

Joy is better than winning the lottery! God bless you right where you are!

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