Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It has been a little while....

My life has been going at a pace I am unaccustomed to. It has been growing in busyness for quite a few months now but since my Church wide fast started 23 days ago(it ended 2 days ago yet I'm still going but for how much longer I'm uncertain) I have become very busy. I love it but just didn't have time to sit down and write a blog. I will probably always be a blogger but there will be times I post many and other times I will post few. If you enjoy my blog just check in once in a while. Even though my blogs aren't that long they take a while to write. I don't just want to just blurt out random thoughts(perhaps some of my articles still fall into that category) but actually share what God has taught me.

My life had to be emptied out for a time because I needed to get deeper with God. I went through a season of pruning last spring/summer. It was a good time to reflect on where I had been, where I was at that moment and where I should go next. I needed to get re-equipped for the battles that were ahead of me. Indeed the time spent in reflection was well worth it. My connection to God is very strong and I've never felt closer to him than at this moment.

Since that season I have had ministry opportunities spring up everywhere. I have deepened connections to people I know as well growing my network of friends in and around my church. I let people into my life more openly and share deeply. I am further understanding my role in the body as a prophet. I see things from a different perspective than most people and understand more fully that neither perspective is wrong but just different. Instead of thinking they are wrong and I am right I can take what people say as the truth from where they are coming from. In life there are very few absolutes. There are times my perspective has been the one that was totally off kilter and I am thankful for correction. I never fear God's discipline although at times it has been difficult to go through. Anytime God has told me to put something down or take something up, as straining as it may be at the time, over and over again I have seen how it was for my and/or others betterment. It gives me peace in times of trouble and a lot of enjoyment in times of blessing. He's not done with me and there are going to more trials. I have no doubt of that but my eyes are on the prize.

That prize is honouring God in my daily affairs. The way I treat people and situations. What I prioritize. I seek to glorify him because he loves a wretch like me and you know what, he loves you too!!

Thank you Jesus, leader of my life!

Blessings, James

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