Monday, April 18, 2011

Doing the right thing even when you don't want to

There are times when I want to feel sorry for myself. Feelings of bitterness and being slighted beat me up sometimes. Truth is I have a good life and what I have to complain about is very minor compared to most people. I have to remind myself of that at times.

Life is a series of choices. You can't control what you are born into but throughout your life you end up exactly where you have chosen to be. Everybody has choices and those choices have consequences. Accepting that is essential to enjoying your life as it is. Not what you wish it was. If you aren't happy with where you are at then you must change your path but be careful what you wish for cause you might just get it.

So I have to choose to make things better for me. I am seeking peace in my life. I am seeking the wisdom of God as to where to go from here. I have to make the right choices to open up the right opportunities. It is as simple as that.

Peace to you today and everyday!!

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