Monday, January 31, 2011

Preaching IS for the Choir

There is an old saying that goes... "You are preaching to the choir" and what is usually meant by that is that you are telling me something I already believe and I'm with you. Sometimes it is an invitation to continue the dissertation but often it means you need not say anymore so save your breath, I am with you on this one.

Funny thing is that if you take the saying literally and put it in a church context the choir actually DOES need preaching. As much or more than anyone else in fact. When you are a Christ follower you can slide into arrogance and start to exalt yourself. Topical preaching and the awareness that you still are a sinner and still in need of God is very important. The perception outside of the church is skewed by the world that believers are self righteous and believe themselves better than their fellow man. In some cases that is true but I believe in many ways that is a lie spread by the evil that is present in this world to keep unchecked sinners exactly where they are. The most damaging of all lies this world has to offer because you can only have one master and if it isn't God then it must be something else.

I am no better than anyone else and in some ways may be worse. Even as time has gone on and I recognize my areas of weakness I can still succumb. I get to a certain point in my walk and start to think highly of myself and get prideful and arrogant. That leads to a judgemental attitude and a controlling nature. The next thing you know I'm depending on myself too much and God too little. So I continue to study my Bible and continue to listen to the message of the preacher. I see where it applies to me and then try to use it in my life. Gods grace is a precious gift and I cherish it. He is good, outside of him I am not.

Truth is no one can lead you to Jesus. One can point you in the right direction but it is totally your choice. He didn't come for the righteous but for the sinner. If you can humble yourself before him then he will come in. He does not come in without an invitation. Ask, seek, knock and the door will be opened. Invite him into your heart and he will invite you into his Kingdom.

If anyone is interested in learning more please contact me via email and I will return your message. God bless you right where you are!!

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